Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cruise Visiting Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria Egypt by cruise ship
Alexandria Egypt from the Holland America Prinsendam


 I’ll never forget docking at Alexandria, Egypt, and looking out at this ancient city. Alexander the Great founded the city in 325 b.c. because it was near his homeland and also close to his Arab enemies to the west. He named the new city for himself and then died in battle while still in his thirties. He only visited the new city as a body in a golden coffin which Ptolemy brought to Alexandria. Ptolemy then established the famous library and university – both Euclid the mathematician and Archimedes the practical scientist were associated with the university and wrote their books there. The Lighthouse (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: was built in 280 b.c. It was 120 meters high (about 333 feet). Arabs conquered Alexandria in 642 and then defeated the Romans at a small town on the Nile which became Cairo.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Visits to Jordan and Turkey on the Holland America Prinsendam

Our cruise was fabulous as we continued on into Israel from Egypt (visiting the Jordan River and watching Americans being baptized); then along the South coast of Turkey to the very important ancient city of Ephesus where the original library still stands. This city has a long (3,500 years) turbulent history and was owned by 5 different nations. On to Santorini, the most beautiful of the Greek Islands. Our cruise was an enlightening tour of the countries that gave birth to our civilization. You’ve seen one ruin, then you have seen them all- NOT SO!!!
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Cairo, Egypt by Cruise Ship

Davids Birthday Ride!
We bussed to Cairo from the cruise ship and went straight to the Great Pyramid. The short trip through the city was an eye opener because of the trash lining the roadways and sidewalks and the deteriorating partially constructed apartment buildings. Apparently, the citizens throw their bags of garbage out of their cars to the roadside. The pyramid was much bigger than we anticipated and was built more than 4,000 years ago! From there we went a short distance to view the Sphinx, one of the largest statues in the world built in about 2,500 b.c. Typically, the viewing area was trashy and loaded with aggressive vendors. As we gazed upon the Sphinx we turned around and there was a rundown Burger King 50 feet behind us! It was still worth the visit!
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Edingburgh, Scotland
Invergordon (Inverness), Scotland
Lerwich, Shetland Islands by Cruise Ship
Akureyri, Iceland by Cruise Ship
Reykjavik, Iceland by Cruise Ship
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It’s not a dream; it is a Holland America Alaska Cruise!

No one knows Alaska like Holland America Line. Premium service and comfort has been perfected. Tradition is evident everywhere, from classic teak deck chairs to friendly stewards offering hot chocolate - complimentary, of course. Every stateroom is larger than most other cruise lines and offers stylish appointments such as the custom-designed Mariner's Dream bed.    Get the most from Alaska by enjoying a verandah stateroom or suite, which are more spacious than any other ships in our class. Dining on a Holland America ship is a delight to experience with detail to quality and service that is top notch. Enjoy the elegance of the main dining room, the Pinnacle Grill or a quick bite by the pool or room service.


Every day on board brings a wealth of activities and enrichment programs to showcase Alaska at its best. Learn new ways to prepare seafood in the Culinary Arts Center, presented by Food & Wine magazine. Keep in touch with your work or loved ones in the Explorations Cafe, powered by The New York Times. Relax in the Crow's Nest and enjoy panoramic views. 

What makes Holland America Line a step above?
  • Every cruise in Glacier Bay National Park will feature ranger commentary from the bridge and an informative presentation. A Hunan Totem speaker will talk about their ancestral ties to the land.
  • A ranger from Wrangell-St. Elias National Park will provide bridge commentary for every visit to the mammoth Hubbard Glacier. Tinged natives will showcase their culture during visits to Yakutat Bay.
  • Seattle departures will host a pre-cruise presentation by a ranger about thonal parks of the Inside Passage.
  • Land tours offering several choices to fit your time and to see the most of Alaska.
  • Comfortable domed rail cars and coaches making travel enjoyable to some of most desirable destinations in Alaska.

Be sure to bring your binoculars along to view the many different wildlife experiences up close.




Denise Belisle Stone
Denise Belisle Stone
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